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Archetype Distillery

Archrival Smoked Gin

Archrival Smoked Gin

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Archetype’s smoked gin is crafted with the same wine grapes that give all Archetype spirits their distinctively smooth, clean profile.  But the addition of fresh alderwood smoke saturating the original herbaceous gin steals your senses with an earthy and robust nose. The classic notes of the original Archrival gin botanicals such as the tea, cassia bark, and mint are enhanced with the alderwood smoke, providing a unique twist with a savory finish that is sure to surprise and delight. 

Some have said the smoked gin has notes reminiscent of a “mezcal without the burn”. 

We encourage you to try the smoked gin in your favorite paloma or margarita recipes for a daring twist on those agave spirit classics.  For a daring twist on the more traditional gin and tonic, the smoked gin pairs perfectly with tonics that have a sweeter note.

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